August 19, 2017

ROYAL CANIN® give cat food packaging a makeover

Cat food

The ROYAL CANIN® Feline Breed Nutrition range represents an ideal way for the specialist pet trade to build customer loyalty, with specialist products for eight of the most popular breeds, and most in need of a tailor-made diet because of their physiology. In the brand’s latest move in redeveloping its packaging to create maximum stand out on shelf, two Feline Breed Nutrition wet packs – British Short Hair and Maine Coon – have been given a new look, and a new product added, Persian in Loaf. The new look is designed to enhance the products’ premium quality and make the…

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Peregrine Livefoods secures exclusive deal with Mistking


MistKing® quality misting systems have partnered with the UK’s largest specialist reptile wholesaler, Peregrine Livefoods. For the last decade, MistKing have engineered the worlds most advanced misting systems which have enhanced the keeping and breeding of reptile and amphibians for hobbyists and zoos across the globe. “I ordered a MistKing misting system for my frog research facility at Harvard University. I chose MistKing based on many exceptional reviews and the system works beautifully. We now have four systems keeping hundreds of poison frogs happy in nearly 300 tanks. MistKing helped us design a custom system and were very fast and…

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Collarways distribute Skinneeez stuffing free dog toys

pet products

Skinneeez stuffing free dog toys are the latest addition to the Collarways portfolio. Designed for high energy dogs, the Skinneeez range are fantastic to chase and shake providing hours of entertainment for both owner and pet. A wide range of SKU’s are on offer including Skinneeez Flat, Crinklers, Durable, Elastic and the Extreme range. Each range has different features, so there really is a product suitable for all breeds. All Skinneeez contain squeakers and for those dogs who just can’t resist the “sound of the kill” the Multi-squeaker Rabbit has 18. Attractive, fun designs and great margins make these a…

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Top 5 pet food retailers

dog food

We all love pets and all of us who have are expected to take good care of them. Nutrition is extremely important for the proper development of our pets. In their young age, they should be fed in a proper manner in order to give them a healthy life. To achieve this, you can rely on grown-up food recommended by a veterinary physician. Now that health’s been mentioned, there are numerous ways of treating whatever your pet may have with different types of food, which is also produced by these pet food giants. Needless to say, without them, we would…

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Could organic pet food become the next big trend in the UK?

With the recent soar in Organic pet food sales in the United States, it is likely that the trend will cross the pond to the UK in the near future. As pet owners now consider their pets as part of their family, pet humanisation has meant that the owners are looking for premium and nutrient-rich food options for their pets. A survey conducted by the American Veterinary Medical Association found that, in the recent years, expenditure towards pet’s health and other veterinary care has seen a 40% rise. A part of this rise reflects on the pet food market. The…

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Cotswold RAW: taking a walk on the ‘wild’ side


When you epitomise ‘countryside common sense’ it seems only sensible to have a ‘Wild’ (venison & rabbit) recipe within your award-winning flavour larder. With game-keeping fast becoming a ‘lost art’ and Cotswold RAW’s unshakeable commitment to source truly wild ingredients, it’s taken Mark & Chris a little longer than they’d have liked to include a rural ‘game changer’ within their ever-expanding flavour deck; a true ‘hero’ recipe that will certainly enjoy top billing at Cotswold RAW’s forthcoming Countryfile live show debut. For many 2016 was the year Cotswold RAW came of age, offering a nationwide solution of award-winning goodies. And…

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Hecate Verona builds luxury dog manors


British-based Hecate Verona boasts making “The world’s most luxurious dog manors” that includes windows, doors and miniature engravings. “Our customers and their dogs typically live indoors so we see our dog manor as an extra that gives a pet more comfort – it is (the) dog’s own house that has all the comforts of an indoor living room, making the whole experience of staying outdoors more fun and enjoyable,” Alice Williams, creative director of Hecate Verona, said in a press release. “This leads to the dog enjoying the outdoors even more and staying more active and this is highly recommended…

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Pet London launch new The Mommy and Me range


PetLondon has announced the launch of The Mommy and Me range, a brand new ‘sunshine inspired’ collection, where owners and pets can fully coordinate their outfits and accessories. The matching Tote Bag and animal clothing are designed for increasingly growing style conscious yet ecologically aware consumer. The refreshing and vibrant sun soaked prints are available in three thirst-quenching different flavours: Cherry Punch, Pineapple Smoothie & Watermelon Juice. The juicy Cherry Punch pattern’s revitalised and punchy design has plenty of attitude, away from classically floral connections of the past. This is an impact statement piece with glossy red fruits adorns the…

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The Dog Treat Company joins forces with Forestry Commission back holiday chain


As a staunch rural producer, the Devon-based Dog Treat Company (DTC) is proud to announce a dog-friendly alliance with fellow countryside fanatics Forest Holidays, who offer nine idyllic luxury cabin sites situated throughout our isle’s finest woodland settings. Forest Holidays is an ambitious Forestry Commission-backed project (born 1973) tasked with reacquainting families and their dogs with the Great British countryside. From Deerpark in Cornwall to Strathyre in Scotland; Forest Holidays offers simple, ‘back-to-nature’ cabin luxury, in tandem with miles and miles of stunning woodland trails. DTC and Forest Holidays both appreciate the simple truth that today’s dogs are integral members…

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Intelligent Toy for Birds: TRIXIE Snack Triangle


Birds want to be challenged mentally and physically as well. The TRIXIE Snack Triangle is an intelligent toy that provides adequate activities for birds and offers mental challenge. The birds manage to get the snacks from the indentations by pushing the wooden triangles on the stainless steel rod. These indentations can be filled with pieces of fruit and other delicacies. This way, the snack toy trains the dexterity of e.g. cockatiels and parrots. Stimulating gaming fun included!

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