September 23, 2017

Group 55 introduces new brand DogStar


Group 55, the creators of award-winning Animology, has introduced a new ‘entry level’ brand, Dog Star. The pet care and grooming manufacturers and distributors has released the initial DogStar range of five quick rinse, low foam, PH balanced shampoos. Retailing at just £2.99 for a 300ml bottle, DogStar launches with five fragrances including Bubblegum, Zingy Lime, Pink Grapefruit, Raspberry & Vanilla, and Honey & Shea Butter. DogStar’s parent company Group 55 Limited was established in 1999, and since then has sold millions of products worldwide. For more information visit 

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FishScience use new formula for aquarium foods


UK based company FishScience has launched a new formula for its Aquarium Foods, which are rich in Insect Meal. Dr. David Pool, founder of FishScience, said: “Insect meal is a fantastic new ingredient that we are using in the FishScience range of foods to replace much of the fish based ingredients that are traditionally used.” The use of insect meal brings a number of benefits both to the fish and to the environment, being naturally what they would consumer in the wild. It contains Inulin, a natural probiotic product that helps digestion and reduces waste. It also reduces the use…

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Orbiloc increases safety with the new Dog Dual light


Danish manufacturer Orbiloc has added to its range of safety lights with the new Dog Dual. The LED safety light is designed to keep both the dog and its owner safe, distributing the light in a 270° arc that is visible from a distance of five kilometres, allowing road users plenty of time to react. The Dog Dual, which comes with a three-year warranty, is streamlined with a size of 35mm x 200mm,weighing only 19 grams. The new design also means the light is 100% waterproof. The Orbiloc Dog Dual has different attachments that allow you to decide how and…

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FMBs Therapy Systems launch new product


Equine product manufacturer FMBs Therapy Systems has introduced the Activo-Med Vibro-Combi Floor to its existing range of performance and recovery equipment. The new product is designed to improve circulation, recovery and rehabilitation by combining controlled vibration with pulsed electromagnetic therapy. The Activo-Med Vibro-Combi Floor can be used in a number of different situations, whether this is pre warm up and post cool down or for recovery and rehabilitation. It can also be purchased with integral weighing scales, stocks and/or a solarium if required. Serena Hickson, from FMBs Therapy Systems, said: “The way the system works it can support general recovery…

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ORIJEN pet foods prepare for Christmas


ORIJEN says its freeze-dried pets treats are the perfect gift for Christmas. The treats, for both cats and dogs, are made from 100% fresh meat and are 100& natural. Just like raw, ORIJEN freeze-dried treats are prepared without cooking so nothing is lost to heat or processing, and the natural goodness of the fresh regional ingredients are fully retained. Available as formula matched treats; ORIJEN Original, Tundra, Regional Red, and single source protein treats; Black Angus Beef, Alberta Bison, Ranch-Raised Lamb, Free-Run Duck and Wild Boar for dogs in 56.7g bags SRP £5.99. Available in ORIJEN Original, Tundra, Regional Red,…

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TRIXIE releases new product for cats


TRIXIE, a German manufacturer of pet supplies, has released a new product for cats. The Cat Towers are compact home solutions with clear shapes and subtle colour shapes, which the company says allows them to fit in with every type of ambience. The outside of the towers is covered with plush and large sisal scratching surfaces, and the towers come with nine new components, including simple barrels and several storey high towers. Last month, TRIXIE also collaborated with H.R.H. Princess Maja von Hohenzollern to release a new range of pet beds. The Love & Respect range includes high quality sofas…

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Pet Remedy has solution for firework season

Pet Remedy is promoting its natural de-stress and calming products for the fireworks and party season coming up. The products are suitable for all mammals and birds, including dogs, cats, rabbits, rodents and horses. The special formulation is low concentration valerian based with small inclusions of vetiver, basil, and sage. It works alongside the pet’s neurotransmitters by telling the excited nerve to calm. The company’s de-stress and calming solution is available as a plug diffuser, lasting up to eight weeks, and a water-based pH neutral calming spray which is more localised and takes effect within minutes. There is also a…

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Leucillin offer new Point of Sale display


Animal skincare manufacturer Leucillin is offering a Point of Sale counter top display to its retailers free of charge. The stands hold a small, manageable selection of the entire range, as well as housing a quantity of trifold brochures. Leucillin is a skincare product that kills germs that can cause infection or irritated skin. It has a wide range of uses and capabilities and is suitable for all animal types. In a range of four sizes this versatile skincare product meets the needs of every pet owner and retailers can easily match the product size to the requirements of their customer….

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Woof&Brew launch new tonic format


Woof&Brew, the manufacturers of healthy herbal tea for dogs, has launched a new tonic format for its existing Ha-Pee Lawns product. The new tried and tested blend helps reduce the burn patches caused by dog urine using a unique combination of herbs including yucca root and tomato flakes, and is now available in an easy-to-use tonic. The company’s pre-launch testing showed that 8 out of 10 dogs no longer produced urine burns on lawns after using the product, and since its launch it has received similar reviews. Woof&Brew’s Ha-Pee Lawns benefits both dogs and lawns, having been veterinary approved as safe….

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New odour eliminator from Groomers


The new De-Fox It Odour Neutraliser from Groomers Limited is now available online. The spray is designed to quickly eliminate foul smells on dogs, caused by rolling in animal faeces or pungent plants. The company say that it is particularly useful for dogs who enjoy rolling and those who spend the majority of their time outdoors. The new spray contains a powerful anti-bacterial agent and an oxidising compound to lift stains and smells out of the coat by simply spraying it onto the area and removing with a cloth. The liquid itself is pH neutral, ensuring it does not irritate…

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