June 24, 2017

CANIDAE release three new products


CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company has released three new products to the market. The American company has introduced Under the Sun, Grain Free PURE Chewy Treats and eight new formulas from PURE, all available in the UK and aiming to provide pets with optimum protein levels. Its new Under the Sun range consists of CANIDAE’s latest grain free formula, available for both cats and dogs in Original Adult, Puppy and Weight Management. It comes in both dry and canned foods, “made with quality proteins with a bountiful harvest of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables added to the formula.” The new Grain…

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VetSpec release new supplement with gravy


VetSpec has released a new product to counter problems when adding supplements to dog food. Omega-3 Joint Mobility + Gravy produces a gravy when added to warm water which can then be poured over either wet or dry dog food. This can help to disguise the taste of supplements and medication, encouraging dogs to consume them. The new joint mobility supplement is predominantly designed to help older dogs with joint disease, such as osteoarthritis. It optimises joint support and flexibility by including high levels of omega-3 fatty acids as well as glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM. VetSpec have also included antioxidants…

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Fibrecycle New Product Launch


Fibrecycle UK Ltd continues its environmentally friendly ethos with their Breeder Celect cat litter and Back-2-Nature small animal bedding ranges. Both Breeder Celect and Back-2-Nature are made from recycled newspaper, designed to be biodegradable and entirely natural without using chemicals in their production. Stuart White, head of sales and marketing at Fibrecycle UK Ltd, says of the products: “Both offer a real point of difference, not only from a product and performance perspective, but by being available only from the Pet Specialist sector.”

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Pets Sanctuary have scoured the globe

Pets Sanctuary have scoured the globe to find beautiful and innovative products exclusive to the UK to help bereaved families after the loss of a treasured pet. Designed to hold a token of a pets ashes, Pets Sanctuary have manufactured a range of 925 sterling silver keepsake pendants. Each pendant features a well-engineered fastening which holds the ashes securely inside, accessed using a 2mm alum key. Built from solid wood for small pets such as a rabbit, Heavenly hutches are a wonderful way to lay a pet to rest. The hutches come in a variety of colours with the natural…

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easibed’s new look 20kg bale has started to land in retailers across the UK

The bale, which has been developed as part of easibed’s 15th anniversary celebrations, encompasses a brand new easibed token which can be cut out and collected for the chance to claim easibed gifts. The sleek and simplistic bale design brings the look of the bale closer in line with easibed’s sister product, easichick poultry bedding, which is sold in many of the same stores alongside easibed. The easi-tokens are easibed’s way of thanking its customers for using their bedding. The equine bedding’s website and social media pages will act as a hub where the latest token offers and competitions and…

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Pet Angel is the perfect brush for your pet – heaven sent fur!

Pet Angel

Pet Angel Fur Detangling Brush is an innovative, unique grooming and detangling brush that’s suitable for most pets. Pet Angel has patented undulating bristles to firmly but gently brush wet or dry coats on cats, dogs and most other animals to deliver pain-free, effective grooming. Pet Angel has anti-bacterial additives infused into its bristles to kill 99.9% of bacteria, making your Pet Angel ultra-hygienic and safe to use. Pet Angel is the kind & effective way of grooming your pet to perfection!  Antibacterial  Suitable for most types of pet, long or short haired fur  Grooming and detangling…

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ProRep launch new range of animal friendly live Terrarium plants


Peregrine Livefoods have launched a new range of live plants suitable for terrarium use under the market leading ProRep brand. The range provides a provision of natural shades, basking sites and climbing perches with the ability to maintain natural humidity. Peregrine have carefully selected the range to ensure safety and suitability for all habits and growth patterns. The comprehensive range features plants suitable for jungle and desert set ups and includes a range of specialist mosses and carnivorous plants. All plants include a bespoke label advising of suitability, species and care requirements.

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Dog Rocks to launch Bulk Bags

Dog Rocks

Dog Rocks UK Ltd is pleased to announce that from April 2015 onwards Bulk Bags will be available to the UK, European & North American market.  Bulk bags will contain 600g of product, a 6 month supply. Carina Evans, CEO, said: “We have responded to consumer feedback and introduced bulk bags of Dog Rocks to the market. “We sell mainly through wholesalers but have keen emphasis on account managing our retailers so would be delighted to meet with and discuss individual retailer requirements. “Bulk bags have been well received in their native Australian market so we are confident of their…

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Reef One lights up the market

Reef One

Reef One has launched its new all-in-one aquarium kit, the biOrb HALO 30L. Designed for ease of use, the product is described by Reef as ‘visually seamless’. It comes in a standard version (incorporating a biOrb LED light above the bubble tube) and a halo version, with a ring of LEDs fitted inside the lid. At night the halo version automatically switches to the ‘calm moonlight’ setting. A sensor allows owners to set the exact lighting conditions. The lights and pump are low-voltage, and come with a 12 month guarantee. A spokesperson said: ‘We want our products to be so good,…

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Forthglade launch grain free dog food


Forthglade have this month launched five new grain free meals for dogs. The complete wet meals are available within the Natural Lifestage range and provide a grain free diet to support a dog’s health throughout its lifetime. The freshly prepared meals are packed with fibre-fuelled vegetables and contain a minimum meat content of 70%.  They are also enriched with vitamins and minerals and are hypo-allergenic. The food is clear of artificial colours, flavours and preservatives and all ingredients are 100% naturally and locally sourced. The Grain Free Lifestage range is available in three different flavours for adult dogs, one flavour…

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