April 30, 2017

New winter range from Canada Pooch

canada pooch

Canada Pooch launch a new range to prepare dogs for the winter months. The company, sold exclusively from Hagen, pitch that all seven new products are designed to be both functional and fashionable, keeping dogs warm, comfy and dry. Most of the new range consists of winter coats. One of these is the Pacific Poncho, which is lightweight, size-adjustable and portable as it packs into a small pouch which is easy for the dog’s owner to carry. The Torrential Tracker is what Canada Pooch is calling the “classic raincoat”, being waterproof with a hood and reflective lining for night time…

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Two new supplements from Blooming Pet Products


Blooming Pet Products has released two new products to add to its existing range of pet supplements. The UK based company produce supplements for cats, dogs and small animals designed to improve the pet’s health and treat many common health issues. Its new Neem Spray is a vegetable oil that naturally repels insects, making it safe for pets to consume if they lick it off their coats. The company say that it is effective and versatile, and can be used on both cats and dogs for numerous conditions. Blooming Pet Products has sourced seaweed from the North Atlantic Ocean for…

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Tropiclean launch new Fresh Breath Drops


TropiClean has announced the launch of its new product, Fresh Breath Drops. The drops, according to the company, provide an easier solution for pet owners to give their pet fresh smelling breath without the need for brushing. Each time their water bowl is refilled, add a few drops and Tropiclean states the owner will see results in as early as one week. Derrik Kassebaum, vice president of sales for Tropiclean, said: “We believe that every cat and dog deserves fresh breath. Our new Fresh Breath Drops are tasteless, odorless and can provide fresh breath is as early as one week….

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Groomers Festive Fragrance Retail Range


The limited edition festive fragrance range at Groomers Limited is back this month, with a brand new fragrance named Cosy Vanilla to get you into the Christmas spirit. The range now features five holiday-inspired scents and includes gift bags containing the shampoo and spray collection. For more information, please visit www.groomers-online.com or talk to one of the sales team on 0845 230 7997.  

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Savic extend cat hygiene range


Savic has extended its cat hygiene range with six new products. The Belgian company states that the right toilet should be chosen to avoid cat behavioural problems, therefore it produces a wide range to suit most cat’s needs. One of three new litter trays released is the Isis starter kit, a toilet training kit for kittens, available in baby blue and baby pink. The tray is available with or without a rim, though the rimmed version comes with 12 litter tray bags and fastener designed to make cleaning easier and faster, a white feeding bowl and a white scoop. Savic…

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Acana launch new Biologically Appropriate product


Champion Petfoods has launched a new product from Acana as part of its Biologically Appropriate range. Acana Pork and Butternut Squash dog food is made from 50% pork which has passed as fit for human consumption including meats, organs and cartilage. Acana’s Biologically Appropriate range uses fresh meat, which to the company means meat that is not frozen, heated or exposed to preservatives. The Canadian pet food manufacturer also never outsources its ingredients. The new Acana Pork and Butternut Squash includes fruits and vegetables delivered fresh from local producers, including butternut squash, Bartlett pears, spinach greens and Red Delicious apples….

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Horseware launches two new products


Horseware Products Ltd has launched two new products for the pet care market. It has released an entirely new first aid range, Hypocare, as well as a massage rug for dogs as part of its Sportz-Vibe range. The Hypocare range, which can be used on any mammal, is a clinically proven range of advanced wound and infection therapies. It includes three new products; Hypocare Cuts & Wounds, Hypocare Infections, and Hypocare Skin Irritations. These products are made using hypochlorous acid which works naturally with the body by mirroring its immune system to rapidly kill infections. Hypocare does not sting when…

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Snugglesafe release two new products


Snugglesafe has released two new products to accompany its existing range of pet adventure tunnels. The Runway, a bendable tunnel which expands to 85mm diameter by 650mm length, has been added to Snugglesafe’s range which includes a tunnel for rabbits called Bunny Warren and the Way-to-Go for guinea pigs and ferrets. All tunnels of the same diameter can be connected to create a longer tunnel, and the Bunny Warren can be attached to the Interchange, a cube with three outlets to attach tunnels to. The Interchange was updated earlier this year to be sold as a set with two Bunny…

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Collarways launching new product at PATS Telford


Collarways is launching its new product, the Stay Over Rover, at PATS Telford in September. The Stay Over Rover is a bag which folds out to have multiple zipped compartments, designed to organise the various accessories of a dog owner, with a special compartment for dog waste bags. It has a hook at the top, allowing it to be hung up in many different places such as in hotels or in a car and Collarways ensures that even when the bag is full it will still close. It also comes with a shoulder strap to make it easier to carry….

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CANIDAE release three new products


CANIDAE Natural Pet Food Company has released three new products to the market. The American company has introduced Under the Sun, Grain Free PURE Chewy Treats and eight new formulas from PURE, all available in the UK and aiming to provide pets with optimum protein levels. Its new Under the Sun range consists of CANIDAE’s latest grain free formula, available for both cats and dogs in Original Adult, Puppy and Weight Management. It comes in both dry and canned foods, “made with quality proteins with a bountiful harvest of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables added to the formula.” The new Grain…

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