April 30, 2017

Woof&Brew launch new tonic format


Woof&Brew, the manufacturers of healthy herbal tea for dogs, has launched a new tonic format for its existing Ha-Pee Lawns product. The new tried and tested blend helps reduce the burn patches caused by dog urine using a unique combination of herbs including yucca root and tomato flakes, and is now available in an easy-to-use tonic. The company’s pre-launch testing showed that 8 out of 10 dogs no longer produced urine burns on lawns after using the product, and since its launch it has received similar reviews. Woof&Brew’s Ha-Pee Lawns benefits both dogs and lawns, having been veterinary approved as safe….

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New odour eliminator from Groomers


The new De-Fox It Odour Neutraliser from Groomers Limited is now available online. The spray is designed to quickly eliminate foul smells on dogs, caused by rolling in animal faeces or pungent plants. The company say that it is particularly useful for dogs who enjoy rolling and those who spend the majority of their time outdoors. The new spray contains a powerful anti-bacterial agent and an oxidising compound to lift stains and smells out of the coat by simply spraying it onto the area and removing with a cloth. The liquid itself is pH neutral, ensuring it does not irritate…

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Bayer launch new Drontal Tasty Bone


Bayer Animal Health has launched the new Drontal Tasty Bone to help owners overcome problems associated with worming. According to the company, research has shown that 88 per cent of dogs voluntarily consumed the Drontal Tasty Bone compared to a positive control product, proving that the product’s new formulation and shape are the reasons behind its increased palatability. Caroline Braidwood, marketing manager at Bayer, said: “We want to make it as easy as possible for responsible dog owners to remember to worm their pet at least every three months. To meet this need, the Drontal Tasty Bone has been optimised…

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Verm-X re-launches health pack


Verm-X has re-launched its complete intestinal health pack for horses and ponies. The pack will provide one horse or pony with six months cover and contains two free Westgate Laboratories faecal worm count kits to prove how effective it is and give the horse owner complete piece of mind. The product, which is said by the company to be 100% natural, comes in a pelleted form that can be fed to the horse directly from your hand, as a treat, or added to their normal feed. The course lasts for five days and will cover the horse for three months. The two…

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Animology’s new equine range a success


The new equine from Animology which launched in February has already received an award as well as “rave reviews”. Its Mane Tamed product won the Best New Pet Grooming Product 2015 at PATS in Sandown earlier in the year. The judges at the time commented: “This product looks smart, has a fun name and is amazingly priced. It is packed with vitamins and proteins and fills a big gap in the market.” Group 55, who own the brand, recently attended Spoga in Cologne for the first time, the trade fair for equestrian sports, and was surprised by the positive response it received….

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Mungo & Maud unveil new AW15 products


Dog and cat outfitters Mungo & Maud has unveiled its new collection coming out in October in time for Christmas. One of the most luxurious products is the Glacier cable cashmere pullover, available in blue or grey.  There will also be a Flannel Prairie pullover in amethyst and a Mohawk pullover in either husk/jade or mocha/cameo. The company will be releasing the Bauhaus collar in both anemone/khaki and mustard/cacoa with a matching collar, as well as a Baseball collar and a Check collar with matching Check dream dog bed and a Check cloth bone. The toy bone will also be available crocheted, and there will…

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Wistiki release pet tracking product to UK


French company Wistiki has released a product in the UK that allows pet owners to track their pet using their smartphone. The lightweight Wistiki can be hooked or stuck onto a person’s belongings, including pet collars, and tracked by downloading an app which allows the owner to locate the accessory and the object or pet wearing it anywhere in the world. Using a smartphone, the owner can make the Wistiki ring, and vice versa. Pressing a button on the Wistiki will make the connected smartphone ring, even when in silent mode. Up to ten of the rain-resistant accessories can be managed by one…

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Ruffwear gets ready for Winter


Ruffwear has expanded its range of outdoor products for Autumn/Winter 2015, as well as updated existing products with small improvements to help make them more comfortable and efficient. It has also updated its packaging to incorporate icons to communicate product features and benefits so consumers can more easily identify the best gear for their needs. The new Ruffwear Aira™ Rain Jacket, which is launching exclusively to Europe on 1 October, is a full coverage rain jacket. Designed to be breathable as well as waterproof and windproof, the jacket combines outdoor technological innovation with user practicality. The weatherproof element of the jacket is…

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Measom Freer Clearly Measure its products

Measom Freer

Measom Freer has updated its existing range of blue measures to also be available in clear. The range varies in size from 0.5 to 150ml, and will now also be sold in Clear SBC Polystyrene. The range is designed for precision when dispensing and dosing powders, pellets, dried goods and liquids. The hand scoops are also available to order in clarified polypropylene. Any company ordering the products can also have its company logo or details added to the handles in Measom Freer’s own in-house screen printing shop. The British manufacturer is widely known for its variety of plastic bottles and…

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Rosewood Pet Products extend BioSafe dog toy range


Rosewood Pet Products has extended its range of BioSafe Germ Smart Dog Toys by introducing toys specifically designed for puppies and small dogs. The new additions, which include a ball, bone and ring toy, have all been treated with BioCote technology which the company say creates unique, safer and more hygienic toys for both the pet and the owner. The BioSafe range was first launched in June 2014. Its BioCote technology is antimicrobial, preventing the growth and survival of microbes, including bacteria. It improves hygiene and reduces the chances of staining, odours and early degradation by binding with and reducing microbes contaminating the…

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