June 25, 2017

Viral Video Doubles Sales and Cements Pooch & Mutt’s Position as Largest Independent Pet Food Brand on Social Media

  Pooch & Mutt’s video, parodying the John Lewis Christmas advert, has had over 1 million views and 8.9K shares on Facebook. It surpassed all other independent pet food brand campaigns on social media in the UK and led to their Christmas range selling-out nationwide. Pooch & Mutt have had huge success combining special edition Christmas products with viral marketing. They launched two limited edition Christmas dog treats; The “Christmas Dinner with No Sprouts” launched in late October and the “Triple-Tier Dog Treat Tin” launched in November. The launch was backed by a ‘Spinal Tap’ inspired mockumentary parodying a larger brand’s…

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Cotswold RAW seeks to raise £250,000 by offering the crowd a 10% stake in business

  From midday on the 10th January it will be possible to join the Cotswold RAW pack for as little as £10. Cotswold RAW is offering the crowd a 10% stake in its bustling rural business as it seeks to raise £250k that will be deployed to expand its product range whilst evolving both its distribution and production infrastructure. With some 8.5 million dog owners in the UK, it makes sense to invest in a food arena which has enjoyed enviable growth, both in times of economic boom and austerity.  With 1-3 dogs currently suffering from ‘obesity-related’ issues it’s vital…

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Bletchley is a national hotspot for overweight dogs

Dogs in Bletchley are among the fattest in England, a survey has revealed. The town’s pampered pooches are sixth most likely to be overweight in the country. And, overall, they weigh an average 43 per cent more than their target weight, say Pets at Home vets. The pet retailer analysed more than half a million dogs across England to come up with the fat pet statistics. The town where dogs were most likely to be fat was Swinton in Yorkshire, while the slimmest dogs came from Consett in County Durham. Pets at home veterinary advisor Dr Maeve Moorcroft said: “It’s…

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Pets at Home unveils new shoppable features on updated website

  Pets at Home is transforming its online shopping experience by providing innovative ways to interact with its customers. The retailer has adopted Amplience, a leading digital content production and delivery platform, enabling features such as interactive video, shoppable content and user generated commerce. Through this platform Pets at Home customers will be able to make purchases by interacting with creative content as well as the more traditional static product pages. Visitors to www.petsathome.com can now view items within banners, catalogues and even video, then simply click and buy their favourites without having to search for the items elsewhere on the…

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Pets at Home give Redditch youngsters tips on how to care for pets

  A Redditch pet shop is celebrating after helping to teach more than 260 future pet owners on how to care for pets responsibly. During 2016 Pets at Home in Redditch saw 263 children attend their free and interactive pet workshops, mainly during school holidays, helping to teach youngster how rewarding pets can be. The workshops are run by Pets at Home colleagues, most of whom are pet owners themselves and they focus on teaching kids about the five welfare needs of animals – shelter, food and water, good health, appropriate company and the right living environment, which are all…

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Slippery fingered thief steals snake from Brownhills pet store

A thief walked out of Brownhills pet store with the reptile – dubbed Sid the Snake – in his pocket. Now, staff at Chico’s Pet Supplies fear the corn snake will perish unless returned. The 15cm specimen was only weeks old and was shedding skin, which makes him more vulnerable during cold weather. Store helper Victoria Mosedale said: “If he’s not been fed by now, he is going to be very hungry. “If they have not put him on a heat mat, he will not survive.” Victoria added: “We’ve had children trying to put their hands in cages before, but it’s the…

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Pet Care Retail Feature: Pet grooming products, how retailers can cash in


In a new survey, FURminator has discovered that despite pampering pets, two thirds of owners never take their pets to the groomers Of the 2,000 pet owners questioned in FURminator’s study, almost half (46%) said that they wouldn’t dream of visiting friends and family without their four legged friend. The research also revealed that more than a quarter (27%) of pet owners take their pets shopping, with a further third (36%) taking their pooches on holiday. Despite the fact that many owners spend an average of £1,113 on their pets per year, only one in three (35%) owners say they…

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Pet Care Retail feature: Trends in the aquarium fish food market

fish food

Developments and trends in fish food are ongoing – David Pool from FishScience advises on how retailers can keep on top of this market The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association estimates that there are over 100m fish kept in aquaria in the UK and the market for fish food is substantial, worth an estimated £56m at retail prices. Not surprisingly, the fish food market is very competitive, with an increasing number of companies looking for an edge to ensure that they can be successful. In this short article we will look at the current trends in the aquarium fish food market…

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Pet Care Retail feature: Premium quality pet food


Pets are increasingly being fed human grade food, but what exactly are the differences between pet and premium food? PCR spoke to Cotswold RAW managing director Mark Lewis to find out more With the humanisation of pets all the rage at the moment, it seems as though our furry friends are now being fed human grade food as a large part of their diet. But just what is the difference between regular pet food and premium, and how can retailers use this to maximise profits? “A premium range should be structured on quality, traceability of ingredients and nutritional superiority rather…

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Ash Baker: The main event


‘Lizard lady’ Ash Baker from Surrey Water Gardens & Pet Centre in Clandon discusses how holding events can bring in new custom and generate a loyal customer base There are certain times in the year when trade can drop off for a month or two, and this is the perfect opportunity to find time for raising the profile of your business. One great way to make connections with the public and bring in new custom is by organising an event. Events can be used to increase customer loyalty with your existing clientele, but at quieter trading periods they can really…

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