March 23, 2017

Tetra refreshes AquaSafe and EasyBalance formulae for optimal aquarium care


Tetra has refreshed two of its most popular water care solutions, AquaSafe and EasyBalance, with improved formulae. This follows research from Tetra which showed 86% of fishkeepers rarely test their waters. Not to mention they don’t understand the importance of achieving good water quality levels and the effects these have. When it comes to solutions for keeping healthy aquariums, only 44% of consumers are aware of solutions with beneficial bacteria. Again, only 33% are familiar with products which influence water values highlighting a need to better educate fishkeepers. This provides a huge opportunity for retailers to educate their customers on the importance of proactively…

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Pet Care Retail Feature: Pet grooming products, how retailers can cash in


In a new survey, FURminator has discovered that despite pampering pets, two thirds of owners never take their pets to the groomers Of the 2,000 pet owners questioned in FURminator’s study, almost half (46%) said that they wouldn’t dream of visiting friends and family without their four legged friend. The research also revealed that more than a quarter (27%) of pet owners take their pets shopping, with a further third (36%) taking their pooches on holiday. Despite the fact that many owners spend an average of £1,113 on their pets per year, only one in three (35%) owners say they…

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Pet Care Retail feature: Trends in the aquarium fish food market

fish food

Developments and trends in fish food are ongoing – David Pool from FishScience advises on how retailers can keep on top of this market The Ornamental Aquatic Trade Association estimates that there are over 100m fish kept in aquaria in the UK and the market for fish food is substantial, worth an estimated £56m at retail prices. Not surprisingly, the fish food market is very competitive, with an increasing number of companies looking for an edge to ensure that they can be successful. In this short article we will look at the current trends in the aquarium fish food market…

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PIF launches new energy benefit for its members


The Pet Industry Federation, PIF,  has today given pet businesses another reason to join in membership. It has added another great feature to the growing portfolio of business benefits. The federation has teamed up with energy broker, Business Juice, to bring the best prices for their gas and electricity rates. PIF members who sign up with Business Juice will also receive a £35 Amazon voucher. PIF Business Juice has access to the majority of companies in the energy market and actively promotes the top five supplier prices. This means that businesses get access to the best prices. Business Juice works actively…

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Pet Care Retail feature: Premium quality pet food


Pets are increasingly being fed human grade food, but what exactly are the differences between pet and premium food? PCR spoke to Cotswold RAW managing director Mark Lewis to find out more With the humanisation of pets all the rage at the moment, it seems as though our furry friends are now being fed human grade food as a large part of their diet. But just what is the difference between regular pet food and premium, and how can retailers use this to maximise profits? “A premium range should be structured on quality, traceability of ingredients and nutritional superiority rather…

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Pet Insurance Policy Holders Urged to Check Small Print


A report published last month found that a large number of pet insurance claims had been rejected last year. Policy holders have been urged to make sure they are aware of all specifics of their policy so they don’t get caught out. According to a recent survey, more than a third of all pet insurance claims registered are unsuccessful. Data from the Association of British Insurers showed that the average claim last year was worth around £720, and that there were around 911,000 claims made last year. Therefore, with 37% of claims having been rejected, pet owners shelled out a…

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Pet care sales forecasted to decline

pet care

Retail analysts are forecasting slowing sales of pet care retail products over the next five to 10 years, due to people feeling less able to keep pets as a result of their personal circumstances. The falling figures come as result of both the ageing population and the long boom in house prices, experts say. The forecasts are set out in Mintel’s annual British Lifestyles report. The 125-page study charts a string of key consumer trends in the last year including a boom in sales of sparkling wine, foreign holidays and gourmet dining. However,  products relating to pet care retail and DIY are forecasted…

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Natural and grain-free pet food: Serious contenders


Data released by GfK shows that natural pet food cornered well over half (58 percent) of the USA’s total $13 billion spend in the ‘pet specialty’ market last year, while grain-free came in just short of the 30 percent mark. The growth of natural and grain-free pet food is not limited to the USA either, with the UK, the Czech Republic and Greece all showing notable demand within both product areas. In the UK, natural pet food accounted for 38 percent of the total spend for the ‘pet specialty’ market in 2015, while grain-free took 15 percent. For the Czech…

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The Pet Experience in Weymouth expands after 10 years of success

pet experience

Cormac Linehan launched The Pet Experience nine years ago and is overwhelmed at its success. It was originally located on Cambridge Road in Weymouth, but after a long wait Cormac recently moved it to a much bigger premises at Link Park on the Granby Industrial Estate. Cormac described how he had always been an animal lover and for years he had always had a lot of pets, with at one stage having his hands full with around 18 different animals in the house from fish to guinea pigs to dogs. Talking about what inspired him to take the risk and launch…

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Pets at Home profits from “resilient” pet market

pets at home

Pets at Home enjoyed a year of rising profits, catalysed by services for pet owners. The 53 weeks to March 31 saw total sales rise 6.7% to £793m. Overall like for like sales jumped 2.1%, with the chain’s services division in particular enjoying a like-for-like increase of 10%. The year also saw several new concept stores trialled, such as convenience-concept chain ‘Whiskers N paws’ and ‘Barkers’, a store specifically for dog owners. CEO Ian Kellett claimed it was “another year of good progress”, but warned that future profits would be impacted by the introduction of the national living wage, as well…

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