September 23, 2017

WildWash receive multiple nominations for Petquip 2017 Awards

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WildWash’s mother company Pet Revolution have been nominated as finalists in the Petquip 2017 Awards for Exporter of the Year Category and the Product of the Year Category for their award winning WildWash Flea and Bug Repellent.

They have also been shortlisted as finalists for the GHP Animal Health and Wellness Awards 2017 and Corporate Livewire Innovation and Excellence awards 2018

This has been a great year already for WildWash after winning at PATS Sandown and being awarded Ethical Accreditation from The Ethical Company Organisation.

Their WildWash Flea and Bug Repellent has been a huge success. The product represents a year of work for WildWash, sourcing natural and ethical ingredients from around the world, selected as the most effective insect repelling botanicals in their country of origin. It is the first natural flea and bug repellent available for pets and it has had hundreds of satisfied customers.

The WildWash Pro Flea and Bug Repellent uses a blend of essential oils hailed for their flea repellent properties, which also deter flies, ticks, mosquitos and other pesky parasites. The careful, caring combination of Horsetail, Eucalyptus and Nettle can be applied freely and liberally and is suitable for use on both dogs and horses. It even helps to condition and brighten the coat for a glossy shine.

Jane Cooper, co-founder of WildWash, said: “Two years ago there was a lot of controversy about the chemical pet flea shampoos on the market, with some even being taken off the shelves as they were deemed to be dangerous. This led us to start our research into effective natural ingredients that could be used for flea and bug control with pets.

“Last year was one of the worst years we have had in the grooming industry for flea and ticks; all the products we develop are to satisfy a genuine need in the market. When we launched the WildWash Pro Flea and Bug Repellent at Crufts, we had queues of people for four solid days! We brought boxes and boxes of stock, yet went home with none – we knew immediately that we had a success on our hands. PATS confirmed this – we were overjoyed to have won an award.”

WildWash are also hoping to win the Exporter of the Year Category. As soon as WildWash was launched demand overseas started. Distribution abroad has continued to grow and grow and now they export to over 40 countries with distribution contracts in Belgium, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Sweden, Germany, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Dubai, India, South Africa, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus.

WildWash are also launching their new natural line of Pet Odour Candles at PATS Telford so it is panning out to be a fantastic year of achievements for this family business.

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