September 23, 2017

Introducing – Healing Dog Products You Can Trust

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Yorkshire-based dog health & grooming product brand MyPamperedPup made huge waves across the sector at the start of this month with their newly launched website and brand.

The business, who’s flagship product ‘Soft Paws’, a natural, organic dog paw balm for dry, cracked and damaged dog paw pads, takes pride of place as the headline range aimed at offering conscious consumers a product they can trust.

Co-Founders Ben Campbell & Zac Botham started MyPamperedPup with the mission of spreading the word about natural, honest dog products firmly front mind. Zac commented: “this all started because we recognised that in the UK there’s basically no rules about what brands can bottle and market to the animal grooming market. We came across this shampoo one day and it was basically washing up liquid with some extra chemicals added.”

MyPamperedPup’s flagship product ‘Soft Paws’ was created soon after the founding pair realised just what was out there for dog owners. “Soft Paws was a labour of love, it took us probably 100 batches to get it perfectly right, and we’re still experimenting and developing it now to make it even better. With us, customers can see in black and white what’s in the tin – that’s what we stand for; total transparency.” Said Ben Campbell, Co-Founder.

The business was keen to point out that ‘Soft Paws’ is only just the beginning and later this month will be coming to market with another dog product ‘Soft Nose’, a similar plant oil & butter based balm to soothe skin damage. The range will go on to expand as the owners see opportunities to raise the market standard.

Customers can enjoy MyPamperedPup’s ‘Soft Paws’ paw balm by ordering directly from their new improved website or through other online stockists.

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