September 23, 2017

‘Why Eukanuba?’ highlights the visible benefits through its premium nutrition that consumers want

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Research1 shows that there are various trends which are impacting a consumer’s purchasing decision when it comes to pet nutrition. With accomodation getting smaller there is a greater variety in breeds and sizes of dogs calling for increased tailored nutrition, as well as growing levels of obesity meaning there’s more focus than ever on quality ingredients with clear feeding guidelines. As a result, owners are desperate to find a trusted, simple solution for their pet that will not only offer them a 100% complete and balanced diet but will also provide visible benefits with a  lifelong impact.

Responding to these consumer needs, Eukanuba has launched a new campaign which aims to highlight how its premium, tailored diets support pets, whatever their age, allowing them to make the most of life’s moments, every day. Since 1969, Eukanuba has been passionate about developing tailored nutrition in conjunction with vets to support dogs from puppy all the way through to their senior years with ingredients that promote real visible benefits at each lifestage. Eukanuba Puppy provides 86% animal protein2 for strong bones and healthy joints for an active lifestyle whilst Eukanuba Adult offers a balance of omega 6 and 3 to help promote a shiny coat and nourished skin. In addition, Eukanuba Mature & Senior helps dogs to maintain strong teeth, healthy gums and fresh breath throughout their life thanks to its unique 3D DentaDefence system.

The campaign, which will be activated through a multi-channel approach, highlights how owners can help their pets live a longer and fuller life through a rich diet which offers dogs exactly what they need, without any artificial preservatives, whilst being easy for owners to measure and feed. The retail launch will be supported with digital and social media advertising, in-store POS, PR, sampling, couponing and print advertising.

Eukanuba’s Head of Marketing, Giuliano Buccino says, “We know that it’s important for our consumers to feed their dog a 100% complete and balanced diet which provides visible benefits, such as a healthy digestion, allowing them to remain active throughout their life. As trusted nutritional experts in tailored nutrition and care, Eukanuba’s range provides options to support pets no matter what their lifestage, size or sensitivities.”

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