September 23, 2017

Dragons Warm To Huxley’s Better-for-You Veggie Treats (PLUS Launch of Vibrant NEW Packaging)

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It’s not even a year since Huxley Hound tentatively took to the national PATS stage to promote its pioneering portfolio of ‘nutritiously dense’ organic veggie treats.

A few months on and Huxley Hound has made significant strides within the realm of health conscious dog treats; no mean feat when your iconic brand ambassador is a vertically-challenged dachshund with small feet.

This September Huxley Hound proudly unveils its NEW, vibrant packaging (courtesy of We Launch), hot on the heels of a fruitful cameo on Dragon’s Den, where new Dragons Jenny Campbell & Tej Levlani  warmed to Huxley’s veg-friendly pet treat vision, with both making offers of investment.

According to co-founder Zena Deane, ‘Even though Mike & I have always known that we were onto something rather special, to receive glowing tributes from such business savvy dragons is not only reassuring but worth its weight in gold.  Indeed, since we first aired last Sunday we’ve been bagging a fresh order every 6 minutes!’

For those dog lovers not in-the-know, Huxley Hound is a young, family-owned business seeking to bring some low fat nutritional vitality to a UK pet treat arena too often dogged by bland, ‘nutritionally bleak,’ synthetic treats.

Using only fully traceable, best-in-class organic veg, (Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Beetroot & Parsnips) Huxley Hound has unearthed a dehydration formula that politely nudges the veggie’s essential minerals and vitamins to the surface of the veggie treats so that even a canine’s belligerent anatomy can fully ingest them.

‘Of course,’concludes Zena, ‘We’re not trying to turn committed carnivores into reluctant vegetarians, we’re simply advocating, that in a world where 1 in 3 UK dogs is now deemed clinically obese that any well-balanced doggie diet should encompass an accessible and affordable veggie fix.’

Available online and with blossoming nationwide availability through Fetch & Natural Pet Product Products PLUS a blossoming number of high end independent pet stores and health food outlets Huxley Hound treats are well & truly on the move.

It’s also worth noting that Huxley Hound are proud purveyors of universally respected Vegan & Vegetarian Society trademarks and are inextricably linked to the laudable Dogs on the Streets cause which recognises the all-important well-being of those noble, four-legged companions that live on the streets with their homeless human companions.

  • Ballpark RSPS £3.95 per 30g pouch
  • For more details visit
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