September 23, 2017

Unipet: new products for 2018

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Unipet International Ltd, Europe’s leading suet-based wild bird food manufacturer, have been busy creating new products this year to keep up with the demand of the ever-growing industry. The products were first introduced at PATS Sandown back in March, so are now really starting to show their popularity with distributors.

New products include:

Pre-Filled Suet Block Feeder

Complete with a popular 300g insect-flavoured suet block, this attractive ‘house-shaped’ feeding solution is sure to complement any garden. Retailing at around £1.99, it’s an affordable option for all! Simply insert some string into the hole at the top of the feeder, hang from a branch and watch the birds enjoy their delicious treat! The feeder is also easy to clean and re-load due to the straightforward mechanism used.

Super Suet Starter Pack

Feed the birds with this complete wild bird food collection; a combination of some of Unipet’s most popular products to form a fantastic gift pack, including:

  • 1 x Pre-Filled Feeder with Insect Block
  • 2 x 550g Berry Pellets
  • 2 x Mealworm Half Coconuts
  • 4 x 320g Suet Blocks in Trays in Fruit, Peanut, Berry & Mealworm Flavours

The recommended retail price on this item is £12.99 – perfect for all bird lovers; beginners and enthusiasts alike. Since winning a PATS ‘New Product Showcase’ Award in March, this collection has been flying off the shelves at Unipet International.Mini Suet Pellets

The Suet To Go® Mini Suet Pellets are smaller in size compared to standard pellets which makes them a perfect treat for fledglings and smaller birds. They are a great year-round feed as the high energy suet is valuable during the Winter months and again during the Spring when adult birds need to nurture their offspring.

If you would like more information on how to stock these products, along with existing lines, please contact


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