September 23, 2017

Purrform’s range of raw food

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Purrform, specialising in feline nutrition and raw cat food, offers premium and natural products for cats based on their needs. The benefits of a completely raw meat and bone diet far outweigh those associated with cooked dry food. Since cats are obligate carnivores, they should be fed real raw meat and bone with no preservatives, nor palate enhancements. Purrform’s range of products are grain-free, highly digestible and high in protein, making a well-balanced and nutritious diet that encourages a longer and healthier life for your cat.

Veronique Ornech, began her brand after purchasing two British Shorthairs who were raised on raw wild rabbit. After a short period on normal wet food, her cats weren’t thriving as they previously were. After looking for a raw food supplier, she couldn’t find anything high quality enough, so she took an avid interest in feline nutrition, and discovered raw food could solve a myriad of problems in cats.

With a socially responsible mindset, Purrform sources all meat locally and ethically from farms in Europe that operate with fair and humane animal practices. The human-grade meat contains no antioxidants or chemicals, its just all natural.

Originating in deserts, cats rely on protein heavy diets for their nutrition, while gaining the majority of their water intake from their food. Purrform maintains the natural state, which includes bones, as this is how cats have always eaten before mass produced cooked food existed.

The food is available in pouches and tubs, which make it easy to serve with no waste. Eating raw meat is completely safe for these natural carnivores as they have been consuming their food like this for thousands of years.

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