September 23, 2017

Peter Dinklage and PETA urge consumers to stop buying huskies

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The popularity of Game of Thrones and the Stark dire wolves has spurned a significant rise in Britain towards consumers buying Huskies. This phenomenon, known as the “Dalmatian Effect” after a similar surge following the film 101 Dalmatians, has led to pleas from local shelters, as many of these huskies are being abandoned—as often happens when dogs are bought on impulse, without understanding their needs.

According to the Blue Cross, 81 huskies were abandoned in the UK last year – compared to just 10 abandoned huskies in 2010, the year before Game of Thrones aired for the first time.

Examples of similar trends include the increase in consumers buying St Bernard’s following Beethoven, Chihuahuas after Legally Blonde and Clown Fish following Finding Nemo. In response to the news, the Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, through PETA, has released a statement discouraging fans from purchasing huskies.


Commenting on the news, Kellie Ceccarelli, Nutrition Expert and Veterinary Training Manager for Eukanuba said:

“Dogs make a great addition to the home but it’s important to ensure that the breed you choose is suited to you, and is not a snap decision based on popular culture. Breeds like Huskies and Border Collies require a lot of exercise so aren’t the best choice for those who are away a lot in the day or are less mobile. Similarly, puppies might look small but some dogs like the Labradoodle can grow to a large size and so you need to be sure you have the room to look after them properly.

“In order for dogs to thrive it’s important that they are looked after in the best way possible. Doing your research before you commit to owning a dog is vital to ensure that you can support them throughout their life, as they grow and develop from puppy through to senior years. Breed-o-pedia is a handy online tool that can help you to understand the care dogs need including regular exercise, ensuring they see the vet when needed, and providing them with a 100% complete and balanced diet, offering high quality chicken or lamb as its principle protein source to provide visible benefits with a lifelong impact.”


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