September 23, 2017

Nottingham pet shop encourages children to consider adopting a pet snake

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A shop in Stapleford held a workshop today (Mon, August 7) to introduce children to keeping pet reptiles – such as dragons, geckos and chameleons.

Most kids and their parents are spending the summer holidays going abroad or enjoying the UK but this group of youngsters had a very different experience.

The Japanese Water Garden pet shop taught twelve children and their parents how to look after reptiles.

Wendy Langford, 50, the shop’s director, said: “With reptile keeping, it can sound a bit daunting but it is all about getting the right environment for them.

“We want to break down the myth that a snake is dangerous, they do not bite or make a noise.

“I would rather handle a snake than a hamster – a hamster’s bite is worse.

“This event gives children the opportunity to decide which one is going to work for them. When you are buying a reptile as a pet, everyone in the family has got to be on board with it.”

They learned the requirements of each individual reptile, including the habitat they need to live in, feeding requirements, how long the animal will live, the general welfare of the animal and the cost.

Danielle Adams, 32, mother of two from Hucknall, said: “I don’t mind looking at them but I always stand at a bit of a distance, I don’t like touching them.

“It keeps my son entertained, he’s very enthusiastic about snakes. This is a normal day for us.”

Her seven-year-old son Logan said: “They are very intelligent, they are very cute. People who find them scary just need to toughen up.”

The workshop is aimed at seven to 12-year-olds – the earliest they believe children can understand the responsibility of having a reptile as a pet.

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