September 23, 2017

Introducing Eukanuba NaturePlus+

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A desire for natural food is continuing to influence the pet food industry, as pet owners reflect their own eating behaviour in their pet’s diets. Thanks to Eukanuba’s new launch – NaturePlus+ – there is no longer a need to compromise on important added health benefits and core nutritional needs. NaturePlus+ combines all of the benefits of naturally sourced ingredients with the power of science to provide owners with a nutritional choice that they can be confident will support the lifelong health and wellbeing of their pet.

NaturePlus+ provides dogs with a healthy complete and balanced meal that is true to their nature, with tailored nutrition to suit each life stage from puppy to adult. The cornerstone of Eukanuba’s nutritional philosophy is that dogs evolved from carnivores and should be fed as nature intended. That’s why NaturePlus+ ensures a high level of animal protein of up to 81%[1], with premium animal protein deriving from  natural human grade New Zealand lamb to fulfil a dog’s appetite as well as his core dietary needs.

NaturePlus+ is rich in additional benefits that help to keep dogs going the extra mile, including:

Celine Gustin, Senior Marketing Manager, at Eukanuba explains: “The humanisation trend is continually reflected in the pet food market, as an increasing number of owners want to reflect their own nutritional behaviour in their pet’s diets. At Eukanuba, we have over 45 years of expertise in the industry and know what owners want. There is a clear desire among owners for more natural food, however we don’t believe there needs to be a compromise in the health benefit of their dog’s diet. That’s why we developed NaturePlus+, a complete and balanced natural diet that works in harmony with science to provide important health benefits and lifelong health and wellbeing”.

Eukanuba’s NaturePlus+ includes freshly frozen human grade natural lamb straight from the natural source as the main ingredient. Wheat free[2], and with no added artificial flavours or colourants or GMO’s, NaturePlus+ provides dogs with only the healthiest and highest quality ingredients with natural and clinically proven benefits tailored to their life stage.

Combining these natural ingredients with scientific expertise provides complete nutrition for extraordinary pets.

The Full NaturePlus+ range includes:

  • Eukanuba NaturePlus+ Puppy for all breeds – Lamb & Rice
  • Eukanuba NaturePlus+ Adult for small breed – Lamb & Rice
  • Eukanuba NaturePlus+ Adult for medium breed – Lamb & Rice
  • Eukanuba NaturePlus+ Adult for large breed – Lamb & Rice

The NaturePlus+ range is available to order now and has an RRP of £12 for 2.3kg and £42.99 for 10kg. To find out more about Eukanuba’s full range, please visit

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