September 21, 2017

TRIXIE launches a range of new products

Pet products
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TRIXIE have released a variety of new items from an inflatable protective collar to a luxury cat scratching cube.

Well covered: TRIXIE Protective Body   

The flexible protective body made of lightweight, breathable and elastic material protects your pet’s wounds after operations and injuries, e.g. after a castration.  It stops the pet from licking the places in question raw. That speeds up the healing process. The Velcro fastening allows easy opening and fixing the body into place. The protective piece of clothing can be individually adjusted with Velcro fastening, rows of studs and a drawstring. With slot for attaching a leash.

RSP: from £17.99

Trendy home accessory for velvet paws and cat lovers: cuddly cave Alicia  

The trendy cuddly cave Alicia from TRIXIE in retro style stands on sturdy beech wood legs. It is completely fitted with plush and comes with a removable reversible cushion. The lateral sisal scratching surface gives cats the opportunity to follow their natural need to scratch and so protects furniture and carpets from scratching marks. A beautiful home accessory for velvet paws and their humans that fits into almost every living room. Dimensions: 48 × 48 × 38 cm

RSP: £54.99


Swallowing, soiling, losing – Boneguard® from TRIXIE helps against three typical problems that result from using chewing bones.

This handy chewing snack holder made of easy-care natural rubber holds the bone using a nylon screw and prevents the dog from swallowing the end piece. A balanced centre of gravity ensures that the chewed bone does not touch or soil the ground. Thanks to its conspicuous colour, Boneguard® can always be found again quickly.

TRIXIE offers Boneguard® in four different sizes with matching pre-drilled chewing snacks for each size. Dishwasher safe.

Creative Scratching Post designed by TRIXIE 

The meditative drawing technique Zentangle can be found as a cat motif in the scratching post Maria. This in-house development by TRIXIE is a contemplative place for all velvet paws to rest and scratch. The scratching post comes with plush/velour cover, sisal scratching surface, cuddly bed with reversible cushion and toys. A matching bowl and place mat are available separately. Dimensions: Base Area: 58 x 58 cm, Height: 101 cm

RSP: £99.99

Manifold views: Scratching Cube Ofelia 

The TRIXIE scratching cube with plush cover and two sisal scratching surfaces can be turned onto each side. Several cubes combined one above the other or next to each other provide lots of variations. The cuddly cave made of plush is fitted with a cushion. A stylish home accessory for velvet paws and their owners.

RSP: £44.99

Protection against poisoned baits    

In Germany as in other countries, poisoned baits are left for dogs again and again. Even if the dog is on a leash, this does not completely eliminate the danger. The protective net against poisoned baits from TRIXIE prevents the dog from eating baits and other substances. The dog has no problem panting, sniffing or drinking, even treats can be given through a lateral slit. The protective net has a good fit thanks to an elastic insert and is continuously adjustable. Available in six sizes.

RSP: from £6.99

Inflatable protective collar for dogs and cats

Protective collars often provide invaluable help after operations, in cases of injuries or skin eczemas. They prevent your pet from licking or biting the areas concerned. This reduces the risk of infections and complications, and the wound can heal without being disturbed.

In contrast to the hard plastic funnel, the inflatable version is a soft and comfortable alternative that protects head, chest and back areas. It hinders neither the animal’s sight nor  hearing. Your pet can eat, drink, sniff and play without any major restrictions. The pet does not catch on things or hit them. Therefore this collar is particularly suitable for timid dogs.

The robust material is flexible and comfortable to wear. Velcro fastenings aid fast and exact fitting, loops for passing the normal collar through prevent the pet from removing the inflatable collar.

RSP: from £9.99

Optimal safety for going on holiday:  Transport Box Skudo Car from TRIXIE

Ideal protection for all pets in the car. The slanted sides of the Transport Box Skudo Car made of robust plastic from TRIXIE makes optimal use of the car boot space. The large metal door that folds open makes getting in and out easy for the dog. Ventilation slits provide good air circulation. Two spacious storage compartments provide space for e.g. treats or toys. Handles that fold up sideways make transporting the box easy. Available in three different sizes, drainage mat included. Matching accessories available separately: 2 steerable front wheels with blocking system and 2 fixed rear wheels.

RSP: from £54.99

Challenge for small rodents and birds: TRIXIE Snack Cube   

No more boredom: The snack cube made of wood with colourful sisal ropes offers adequate activity and mental challenge for various small rodents and birds. By pulling on the sisal ropes, the rabbit or parrot for example can get the snacks out of the cubes. Large holes for smelling make the search for the treats easier. Two levels of difficulty that are achieved by positioning the toy in different ways train the dexterity. With tips and tricks for an optimal training.

RSP: £10.99

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