September 23, 2017

Charlie And Friends Products Unveils Prebiotic Pet Grooming Range

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The Premium Pet Grooming brand Charlie And Friends launch their Pet Care products using natural, organic and clinically proven active Prebiotics for healthy skin in pets as well as other clinically proven actives to provide protection against microorganisms on pets. These products will also soften, soothe and calm sensitive, irritated, dry, itchy and flaky skin as well as controlling odour.

The all natural and organic Pet Grooming Products consist of Prebiotic Luxury Pet Conditioning Shampoo to moisturise, soften and shine. Prebiotic Luxury Pet Odour Control Shampoo to deeply cleanse and control odour.  Prebiotic Luxury Pet Muscle Ease Shampoo to ease aches and pains in your pet. Prebiotic Luxury Pet Grooming Foam, waterless shampoo. Prebiotic Luxury Pet Odour, Bacterial Control Spray, instantly freshens up your pet, home and kills germs. Prebiotic Luxury Pet Rescue Balm, a multifunctional pet balm and Prebiotic Luxury Pet Minor Pain Relief Balm, a gentle pain relief.

Prebiotic Mane, Tail & Hoof Grooming Balm, horse grooming balm. Prebiotic Pet Muscle Ease Cooling Gel, to cool pet’s sore muscles.

All the products are professional and multifunctional, gentle, effective and safe for pets.

Available at and selected grooming boutiques nationwide.

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