September 23, 2017

IAMS launches new weight in its Proactive Health Adult Care food range

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IAMS has launched a new 1.5kg format in its Proactive Health Adult Cat range to support retailers when it comes to encouraging shoppers to trade up to a more advanced nutrition.

The new format responds to consumer demand for tasty pet nutrition that is high in animal protein but low in sugar, salt and fat by offering trial sized bags with an attractive price.

From May 2017, IAMS Cat Adult with Chicken, Cat Adult with Ocean Fish, Cat Adult with Lamb, and Cat Adult with Salmon will all be available in the smaller SKU with an RRP* of £8.49 to encourage consumers to switch.

IAMS Senior Marketing Manager Celine Gustin comments: “We are constantly reviewing consumer trends to provide retailers with the best products to strengthen premium sales within the pet food category.

IAMS Proactive Health1 provides cats with the nutrients they need to thrive and offers pets 47% more animal proteins than the top two leading brands2 together with essential amino acids like taurine, omega fats and vitamins and minerals.

Through developing smaller bags of IAMS Proactive Health we hope to encourage consumers to switch to our advance nutrition to help support their pet to live a healthy and active life.”

The new format and pricing will be supported through dedicated point of sale marketing materials to further support retailers in their communications to customers on shelf and in-store as well as being part of the IAMS Money Back Guarantee.

1Proactive Health Adult Rich in Succulent Roast Chicken dry cat food compared with GO Cat Chicken & Duck and Purina One Cat Adult Chicken and Rice
2Top 2 leading brands sold in supermarkets based on IRI data for 52 weeks ending 31 Dec 2016 (see here
*Price is at the sole discretion of the retailer
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