August 17, 2017

Dogs Helping Kid’s charity teaches youngsters to become expert pet owners

Dog charity
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Three children have graduated to become Dogs Helping Kids charity’s first ever Child Ambassadors, under a pilot programme designed to educate children on becoming the next generation of amazing dog owners.

With the help of DHK School Dog Teazel, who is a certified school dog with the charity, along with owner Gail Laurence and Liz Meredith, the children have learnt about various aspects of becoming a great dog owner with kind, fun, positive dog training at its core.

Each child undertook a 12 session weekly programme held in Bampton Community Centre.

The children, Ella Bull, 9, Elliot Gardner, 11, and Teddy Dickson, 10 called themselves TEAM Teazel (Together Everyone Achieves More is their motto).

They learnt about Dogs Helping Kids and completed four dog related educational sections; bond respect needs and how to speak dog – two way communication and recognising a dog’s body language.

They also learned how to clicker train a dog using force free methods. At the end of this unique educational experience they demonstrated the dog training they have learnt in the presence of friends and family at their graduation ceremony on June 10.

A certificate of achievement, a DHK Ambassador wristband, DHK Ambassador ID card along with a specially designed T shirt, kindly produced by Mark Berridge, were presented to each child by Founder Tracey Berridge.

Gail told the audience how proud she was of the children and recognised that she and Liz had also learnt a lot from belonging to Team Teazel.One of the parents spoke about the profound effect the course had on her son and how Elliot now wants to become a dog trainer.

She added: “Children are our future dog owners, trainers and breeders, so let’s help make them more amazing at looking after a dog than we are. Could your child become the next DHK Child Ambassador?”

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