August 17, 2017

Cotswold RAW: taking a walk on the ‘wild’ side

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When you epitomise ‘countryside common sense’ it seems only sensible to have a ‘Wild’ (venison & rabbit) recipe within your award-winning flavour larder.

With game-keeping fast becoming a ‘lost art’ and Cotswold RAW’s unshakeable commitment to source truly wild ingredients, it’s taken Mark & Chris a little longer than they’d have liked to include a rural ‘game changer’ within their ever-expanding flavour deck; a true ‘hero’ recipe that will certainly enjoy top billing at Cotswold RAW’s forthcoming Countryfile live show debut.

For many 2016 was the year Cotswold RAW came of age, offering a nationwide solution of award-winning goodies. And yet, it’s 2017 when significant investment (£500k raised) has enabled the Worcestershire-based, state-of-the-art production facility to expand by 30%, which means 20 tonnes of top-notch pet food can now be manufactured each and every week.

According to MD Mark Lewis: “We remain absolutely focused on being a proud rural provider of premium, biologically appropriate raw food, an organically expanding operation that champions rural sustainability and the local farming community. Our bustling business has the appetite to provide something a little different from the usual ‘closed box’ raw offerings, adding a little extra discernment and ‘foodie wow’ to an always appreciative pet shop fraternity.”

The bedding down of a full nationwide distribution network also takes a another significant stride courtesy of a selected store roll out across the Countrywide stores estate, Just for Pets and a ‘step change’ alliance with frozen food specialist Eden Farm, a frozen wholesaler luminary that already looks after the interests of such frozen food icons Ben & Jerry’s, Linda McCartney and Richmond.

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