August 17, 2017

Promoting responsible pet ownership

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The summer months are officially the most popular time of the year for puppy registrations and the Kennel Club are providing a huge opportunity for retailers to educate new owners on the lifelong impact and care of dog ownership, to ensure pet well-being, cement relationships with consumers, boost sales and encourage repeat visits.

For those consumers who may be thinking about getting a puppy but still haven’t decided on the best breed for them, retailers can offer their advice to ensure potential owners select a breed which is suited to their lifestyle. Asking questions about the consumers’ living arrangements, work hours, social life and experience of keeping pets will help to suggest a suitable breed. Eukanuba recently launched Breed-o-pedia, an online tool which provides a wealth of options from those most suited to smaller homes and families with children to owners with limited mobility.

Once the consumer is confident with the breed that’s right for them you can help ensure their puppy receives a great start to life.

New puppies need premium nutrition for visible benefits with a lifelong impact, as many factors in a puppy’s life will have an effect on their overall well-being and future, with nutrition being one of the key factors that needs to be considered. That’s why it’s crucial that retailers provide pet owners with the advice they need in order to help give puppies a strong nutritional foundation.


Microchipping with is also important as it is now the law for all dogs to be microchipped and the correct contact details regularly updated, helping owners to be quickly reunited with their pet should they lose them. Consumers needs to have this done by the time their puppy is eight weeks old to avoid being fined. Microchipping is available for free through Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Blue Cross centres and Dogs Trust, but pet owners can seek advice from their vet if they have any questions.

Creating a safe and comfortable environment will help to settle a puppy into its new home whilst allowing companies to boost sales in store by highlighting the equipment needed. Puppies always need to have fresh water available so encourage new owners to purchase feeding bowls which are not easily tipped over during a puppy’s more playful moments. A comfortable dog bed is also essential as it’s important for owners to ensure their puppy feels happy and safe when they are not around.

Choosing a name can be the most exciting part of owning a new puppy. However, there are a few tips on providing owners with to ensure they select a name that won’t confuse their pet. Encouraging owners to pick a short, two-syllable name and instructing the rest of the family to be consistent with the same name will avoid any confusion.

Providing pets with the appropriate care they need to live an extraordinary life is an important part of ownership. That’s why it’s hugely important to encourage pet owners to visit their local vet with their new puppy as soon as possible. Not only will this introduce veterinary visits to puppies from an early age but also gives the vet the opportunity to check for any health issues, abnormalities, or birth defects.

Overall, getting a new puppy is extremely exciting, but during this time new owners can quickly become distracted, causing them to forget some of the more important steps of responsible pet ownership. This is where it’s crucial for retailers to share expert insight and advice to ensure owners have all the information they need to keep puppies happy and healthy right from the very start and throughout their life.

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