September 21, 2017

Tetra welcomes children to fishkeeping with limited edition aquarium

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Tetra, a leader in aquatics, has launched a new and limited edition aquarium to welcome young children into the world of fishkeeping. The 18L My First Aquarium is set to inspire children to engage with the hobby through a range of friendly fish characters called Tiny Tetra, Bubbles, Gil, Finn and Flo.

Together with themed accessories including two posters, children can enjoy learning about how to take care of their new pets with a helpful set-up brochure and top tips to ensure everything goes swimmingly alongside a diary with a checklist to keep them on track of everything that is going on with their fish such as feeding times.

The 18L My First Aquarium is the is sold as a solution for potential pet owners looking for a safe way of introducing pets and the tank can be used as a home to a range of fish. The aquarium comes as a complete kit including the Tetra EasyCrystal filter and two additional cartridges alongside gravel and a plantastic to allow children to get creative. New fish will also receive the nutrition they need from the start thanks to a sachet of TetraMin food, as well as a small sample of Tetra AquaSafe to ensure the aquarium water is safe and ready for its new arrivals.

Ashleigh Foster, aquatics marketing manager at Tetra comments: “Fish make a great first pet. Not only are aquariums relaxing to have in the home helping to reduce stress in children but they also help to teach responsibility. For those new to the hobby the My First Aquarium offers a gentle introduction into the hobby and something the whole family can be involved with.”

7.5 years old is the average age that children in the UK are given the responsibility for the day-to-day care of pets, with one in ten children owning a fish. Fishkeeping has doubled in popularity from 10 years ago, where only one in twenty pet households had fish. Brits are most likely to take up fishkeeping as they believe aquariums look good in the home, require little maintenance and create a relaxing environment2.

The Tetra My First Aquarium is now available to order with an RRP of £34.99**. For more information about Tetra please visit or check out Tetra UK on

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