August 17, 2017

Pooch & Mutt launch chew range with campaign highlighting the harmful ingredients in Pedigree Dentastix.

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Pooch & Mutt, the healthy dog food brand, have launched their most aggressive campaign to date, in their mission to lead a dog food revolution. The campaign against Dentastix, aimed at informing pet owners, has highlighted at least 5 ingredients that may have detrimental and harmful effects on a dog’s health, including the potential of causing cancer.

A full exposure on the most harmful and questionable ingredients can be found at

Pooch & Mutt is the largest independent dog food company on social media, as such they have a lot of interaction with their customers. They found out that there were a lot of customers who have switched to healthier food and treats, but were still feeding junk-filled chews. They knew that they needed to do something about this. Not only has Pooch & Mutt launched the campaign against Dentastix, they have also launched a range of natural chews, to give customers a more transparent healthy alternative.

The Pooch & Mutt chews come in 3 different flavours; Duck Delight, Tasty Turkey, and Perfect Pork. The chews are made in Ireland, with natural ingredients like real meat, peas and oats. With these products Pooch & Mutt aims to redefine the industry standard when it comes to dental chews and the use of real food, no-junk and quality ingredients.

Commenting on the recent launch, Pooch & Mutt  founder Guy Blaskey said: “This campaign is set to be more aggressive than previous campaigns and definitely more aggressive than what the industry is used to. I think it’s about time. There are too many pet food companies out there claiming that their products are ‘better’ or ‘healthier’ than other products, but this is very vague, they don’t say who their products  are better than and why they are better. There are also too many small, niche brands fighting amongst themselves, and not against the real culprits. We feel that it’s very important to inform consumers what is wrong with certain products and what ingredients could be detrimental to their dog’s health. We are also completely open about what goes into our products so that consumers can compare. People need to be able to make more informed decisions when it comes to their pet’s health. It’s time for more honesty in the pet food industry.”

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