August 17, 2017

Memory Bloom launches flowering pet memorial

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Memory Bloom is the only product of its kind designed to help mark the passing of a pet by providing a living, flowering memorial and providing everything needed for holding a simple ceremony. The kits contain bio degradable containers, compost and seeds as well as a special story book and little notes and markers for personalise their own memorial.

The idea is that some of a pets ashes or small memento (name tag/collar) can be placed into the compost along with the seeds to provide a focal point for remembrance as the flowers – a mix of beautiful Anemones, Forget-me-nots, Californian Poppies and insect and bee friendly wildflowers – begin to grow.

It should be kept indoors until green shoots start to emerge and then planted outside where the containers will simply degrade and break down into the soil and the flowers will bloom each year from spring to late autumn.

Johanna Buitelaar, Memory Bloom’s founder and owner, came up with the idea originally because of her own experience losing her Jack Russell Grooby when she was a teenager. Years later the idea became reality because of  another elderly  Jack Russell and family pet, Jasper, and her realisation that sooner or later she would have to explain to her young children that Jasper was no longer with them.

Johanna says: In the end Jasper lived to the ripe old age of 21 and when I had to have him put to sleep I was absolutely devastated. The children and I made a memory bloom for Jasper; I couldn’t believe how much easier it made things. I explained what had happened through the book that I’d written and the children had something physical to do to enable them to gain closure.”

Johanna went on to add: “It’s so important for children to start developing grief coping strategies from an early age. Often the death of a pet is the first time they experience grief and parents shouldn’t sweep it under the carpet; next time it could be a grandparent. Memory Bloom takes the pressure off parents to an extent and allows everyone to talk about it. My daughter India often still talks about Jasper being up in the sky and dancing on the moon. She talks about him like he’s still here not in an upset way which is lovely to me as a parent as I’m still dealing with his loss myself.”

Memory Bloom recognises the profound impact that a beloved pets death can have on the entire family and that the loss of a pet can be very difficult for both children and adults to cope with. By reading the Story Book and planting the Memory Bloom bulbs a sense of closure can be achieved and the gravity of the loss can be eased by giving a treasured pet the send off that they deserve. The living, flowering memorial then offers a focal point for everyone to be able to remember and celebrate the life of their beloved pet.

The eye catching packaging and compact shape make Memory Bloom an easy product to stock and free standing display units are also available. Memory Bloom retails at £28.95

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