August 17, 2017

IAMS new campaign highlights nutritional value of their food

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As the gap between pet food and human food trends continues to narrow, consumers are scrutinising the ingredients in the nutrition they feed their pets more than ever. Owners are demanding pet nutrition with a high meat content and natural ingredients that are low in sugar, salt and fat, whilst ensuring their pets enjoy flavour and variety in their diet1. It is this insight that has underpinned IAMS latest campaign to highlight why IAMS is packed with high quality animal proteins to support healthy, active lives for pets.

The new IAMS Proactive Health campaign showcases the impressively high levels of protein in every bowl, whilst communicating that shoppers will get more protein for less, when comparing cost per meal. Chicken and turkey protein is the number one ingredient in IAMS Proactive Health which offers pets 47% more animal proteins* than the top two leading** brands for cat and 24% more for dog**.

The campaign, which will be activated through a multi-channel approach, highlights how owners can help their pets live a healthy active life with an animal protein rich, 100% complete and balanced diet. Protein is a critical nutrient and consistently needs replacing. Plenty of high quality protein is needed every single day to support the skin and coat, muscles, digestion, tissues such as the liver and even important messengers such as hormones. The retail launch will be supported with outdoor advertising, a dedicated micro-site, digital and social media advertising, an influencer WOM campaign, direct mail, in-store POS, PR, print advertising and displays, and couponing.

IAMS Senior Marketing Manager Celine Gustin says, “We know that for our target audience, pets are a hugely important part of the family and as such want to provide them with a tasty, high quality diet that will help keep them looking and feeling healthy, strong and happy. The IAMS Proactive Health range provides cats and dogs with the nutrients they need, including a tasty blend of chicken and turkey protein as our number one ingredient to naturally provide essential amino acids like taurine, omega fats and vitamins and minerals. Not only will pets really enjoy the taste, but owners can have the confidence that they are supporting a healthy, active life for their pet.”

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