September 21, 2017

FishScience launch new insect meal fish food

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FishScience have announced the launch of their new formula pond fish food range that uses insect meal as a key ingredient and protein source.

“Pond fish foods are traditionally based on fish meal” explained FishScience founder Dr David Pool. “And yet koi, goldfish, orfe and other pond fish are not fish eaters. The new FishScience pond foods do not use any fish ingredients, replacing them with insect meal to provide a complete and nutritionally balanced diet.”

The use of cultured insect meal brings a number of benefits both to the fish and to the environment:

  • It is consumed by pond fish as they they would naturally consume it in the wild
  • It is efficiently digested and processed, as it is what fish have evolved to eat over millions of years. This results in less waste and better food conversion ratios.
  • The insect meal is cultured on waste fruit, and vegetables as well as brewery waste so providing an environmentally friendly and sustainable source of proteins.

“The research we have undertaken has been outstanding” continued Dr Pool. “Fishkeepers instantly recognise the importance of feeding their fish on the insect based diet they would eat in the wild as well as the environmental benefits.”

The FishScience pond foods still contain natural ingredients such as Spirulina algae, shrimp, krill, Carrot and grass meal to enhance the natural colour of the fish, together with Beta Glucans and omega oils to support the immune system and ensure the fish remain as healthy as possible.

The FishScience pond food range includes Everyday Food, Koi Food, Coldweather Food and Variety Food, which are available in 225g pouches, 5 litre and 10 litre buckets.  For more details of this exiting new range of foods please visit

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