September 23, 2017

TRIXIE release new range of pet products

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Pet products manufacturer TRIXIE have released a new range of products, from brushes to feeders.

Cleaning with the push of a button: Soft Brush

RRP £9,99/ £10,99/ £11,99

These Soft Brushes with extra soft metal bristles are suitable for cleaning the top and undercoat of wiry, curly, long and short haired breeds. They are perfect for preparing for a shearing or trim. The special trick: The brush surface can be moved with the push of a button to allow for very easy cleaning. Available in three sizes.


RRP £15,99/ £15,99/ £24,99

Hygiene separation system: Litterbox Berto and Berto Top

With or without lid: Both litter boxes by TRIXIE feature a hygiene separation system consisting of two lower bowls, a sieve and Easy-Click closures. Clean cat litter falls through the sieve and into one of the lower bowls, while the used litter sticks to the sieve and can thus be easily removed. This system allows for quick and easy cleaning of the litter box and reduces litter consumption.

RRP £ 21,99

Play time fun for cats: Tunnel Feeder by TRIXIE

The Cat Activity Tunnel Feeder combines play time fun and nourishment. The cat can retrieve the food pellets from the tubes and tunnels with its paws and thus earn its food at an activity level of its own choosing. This slows down food consumption, which aids in particular with overweight cats. Even older animals and cats that are restricted in their movements due to illness will gladly accept the Tunnel Feeder developed by Helena Dbalý. The toy is easy to clean and refill. Dimensions: ø 28 cm/14 cm

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