September 21, 2017

Tetra’s key account manager shares his top tips on looking after fish over summer holidays

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With the weather warming up summer feels only a few weeks away, which means holiday season is on the horizon. Although this can fill some with joy it can be a nerve wracking time for fishkeepers, especially those new to the hobby, who may be worried about leaving their fish for a period of time. Despite this, fish are a great pet as unlike fluffier companions they can be left during holidays as long as you provide them with the right care.

There are a number of things retailers can do to not only put your consumers’ minds at ease whilst helping to boost sales during the warmer months.

The main concerns fishkeepers are likely to have is how they ensure their fish are fed regularly, with the right amount of food, and whether water quality will suffer for the week or two they are away.

To help support retailers on the run up to summer, Simon Strode, Tetra’s Key Account Manager, shares his top tips on advising fishkeepers on the products available which will help during holiday season.

Feeding Fish

For those fishkeepers who don’t have anyone available to check in on their fish while they’re away there are options for ensuring that fish are still fed on a regular basis and that excess food isn’t left in the aquarium as overtime this will break down and negatively affect water quality.

Recommending a product such as the Tetra myFeeder offers a great solution to this common concern. This is an automatic feeder which contains unique technology to maintain food quality by protecting it against light, air and moisture. Providing a reliable and safe way to feed aquarium fish, fishkeepers are able to quickly and easily check the fill level and using the clear digital display, programme feeding for up to three times a day with the food quantity per feed being adjusted mechanically. If your shoppers have any concerns they can easily do a test run to make sure they are happy with the feed dosage.

If your consumer doesn’t want to purchase an automatic feeder then Tetra Weekend and Tetra Holiday are self-sufficient and offer 100% of the nutrition fish need in a specially formulated feed which lasts for up to 6 and 14 days respectively. Available in both Goldfish and tropical variants these diets are easy to use and won’t affect water quality. Alternatively, if your consumer has pond fish, Tetra Pond Holiday is offers healthy nutrition for up to 14 days.

If your customer is lucky enough to have someone checking in on their fish, it can be safer to use one of the above options if that person is not familiar with fishkeeping and the risks associated with over feeding. However, if they feel confident in this person’s abilities it’s always worth encouraging customers to show their happy helper the right amount of food to feed fish to avoid water quality issues.

Water Quality

It’s crucial to advise fishkeepers to check their waters before they go on holiday and to use feeds such as the above to prevent waters becoming cloudy or contaminated during the time they are away. In addition, using Tetra EasyBalance optimises water quality by stabilising important water values such as KH and pH for up to 6 months and can help keep nitrates low. Encourage fishkeepers to use this to help keep fish and plants in top condition.

Caring for Fish

There are other tips you can provide fishkeepers to ensure their fish remain happy and healthy while they are away. For example, encourage fishkeepers to check the weather for home before they go. Will their fish be comfortable or are we in for a heatwave? If the temperature is due to soar remind them to ensure their aquarium room is kept at an ambient temperature with curtains shut to help prevent overheating and stress in the fish.

Holiday season provides a great opportunity to boost sales so make sure you group all of our products together highlighting how they can support fishkeepers whilst they are away. If you are running any promotions, make sure these are clear to see and ensure your staff are confident talking about the various products you have on offer and their benefits.

By making the hobby easier for fishkeepers you will not only position yourself as a trusted advisor, but you will boost sales in your store by encouraging repeat visits, and ensure fishkeepers enjoy their experience helping to grow the industry.

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