September 21, 2017

Action Petz launches new indoor play centre for dogs in Newport

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The Action Petz play centre for dogs was launched at its new location on Nash Mead at the Queensway Meadows Industrial Estate, Newport. As well as an indoor play area, the centre includes a secure outdoor area for dogs to exercise in and train, as well as dog day care, dog training classes, a café and shop.

Shelley Redding established the business which are the first of their kind in the UK.

She says: “I was walking my dog Rocco in a park in Cardiff and a man ran off with him. I tried to chase them, but couldn’t keep up. He was missing for 12 days. Then he was dumped and taken to Cardiff Dog’s Home, where I got him back.

“I wanted somewhere safe for my dog to run free, somewhere that it wouldn’t happen again. I realised there wasn’t anywhere, and so I set up Action Petz.”

She launched the company in Cardiff in 2014. The Cardiff branch is currently seeking new premises, while there are now franchises in Bridgend and one opening in London.

At the launch a number of dogs, and their owners, came to check out the new facilities. Jeff Morgan and his wife traveled from Cardiff for the launch with their pet terrier Chai. Jeff says: “Chai is very outgoing, and if you leave him off the lead he just run. He will come back, but he comes back when he wants to. So having an enclosed space is perfect because he can run safely here. He’s having a whale of a time here.”

There are plans to hold dog breed-specific events, summer BBQs, seasonal parties, and dog rescue charity events at the centre. During the warmer months dogs can also enjoy paddling pools, sprinklers and water features at the site.

There is no need to make an appointment to visit the centre. Owners wishing to register their dogs with the park must bring up-to-date vaccination cards. Dogs must also be sociable and of sound temperament.

Mrs Redding added: “We have a range of staff of varying ages and varying qualifications. We are working towards all of their staff having their canine practitioner qualification, and all of the staff have canine first aid and some behaviour training which was supplied by the Dog’s Trust.”

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