September 23, 2017

Dog food brand Hey Diddle Diddle to launch new packaging

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Hey Diddle Diddle, a range of premium cat and dog food, has been launched in Tesco with pack design by Equator.

The range follows extensive research into changing consumer demands for pet nutrition and was developed by C & D Foods. It’s aimed at addressing a gap in the market for a high quality, naturally hypoallergenic product that provides clear dietary advice.

Salma Khan, category development director at C & D Foods, approached Equator to design the packaging for a premium pet food brand that would see a move away from traditional, formulaic pet food design formats towards a more personable and individual treatment.

Equator also undertook their own research and audited general food trends across the retail sector. This allowed the team to develop a strategy which would underpin the brand proposition, bringing to life the relationship between owner and animal. To leverage this sentiment the team explored the various ways people nurture and show affection, especially as parents. The creative response was a foray into nursery rhymes and bedtime stories, which resonated with the client and team owing to their simple narratives and charming familiarity.

Hey Diddle Diddle evolved as the obvious choice not only because the main characters are a cat and a dog, but because the nursery rhyme is well known amongst families cross generations.

The adopted style is described as both playful and charming without being twee. Consideration was given to differentiating the variants for each animal using a contrasting colour palette, however, a final decision was made to unite the brand with a natural craft paper brown style, capitalising on the trend around humanised pet food and ‘home-cooked’ style recipes.

Howard Wright, creative director at Equator commented: “The whole Equator team wanted to approach the project with fresh thinking from the start. Using our extensive knowledge of branding and packaging human food we simply treated this project in the same way. Creating a brand story and tone of voice that would really resonate with customers making them feel good about the purchase. I feel the result shows how much enjoyment we have had working with C&D Foods as well as sharing our love of cats and dogs”

Salma Khan, category development director at C & D Foods, says: “Hey Diddle Diddle is an exciting, fun concept and Equator have done a superb job in helping us bring this sentiment to life.  Our aim was to create a pet food that consumers would feel great about feeding to their pets and I am confident that this innovative design demonstrates this message and will drive engagement. Already we’re seeing incredible sales data coming through from Tesco that has exceeded all our expectations.”

The new range rollout lands in October 2017.

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6 Responses to “Dog food brand Hey Diddle Diddle to launch new packaging”
  1. Lisa Ryan says:

    Good evening. I’ve recently transferred my Labrador pups onto Hey Diddle Diddle
    And the results have been fantastic so far (better apoetite, glossy coats, happier pups).
    Could you advise if you will be introducing larger food bags I.e. 12kg/15kg and in different
    Flavours as restricted to chicken only in small bags – works out quite expensive for 2 growing
    Hungry 4 month old pups.

    Kind regards

    Lisa ryan

  2. Sheila wilson says:

    Just discovered the new brand! Love the packaging!

  3. David Marsh says:

    I was drawn in by the packaging too, I love it, I’m a bit disappointed that the packets inside are now just plain foil rather than the have the art work on each pack. I’m wondering…Is this cat food better for my cat than say whiskers or Felix, or was I just swayed by the packaging?
    One thing for sure is…my cat loves it.

  4. Aneisha Walker says:

    Really disappointing to see a big business steal someone else’s idea. I approached C&D foods over a year ago to discuss an upcoming brand that I’m launching and asked if they would be ok with my brand name of Smudge and Friends as they had a brand called Smudge which was discontinued from the market. They then requested further details including our style and tone of voice and saw a visual mock up of our packaging – the above is not their fresh thinking, it was ours. Disgraceful business

  5. Gill says:

    Was wondering also when will bigger bags be available please

  6. Sarah Melvin says:

    Can anyone tell me if this pet food is gluten/grain free? It’s difficult to tell from reading the ingredients and constitutional make up of the packaging.

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