April 30, 2017

Royal Canin to launch consumer campaign aimed at new customers

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Royal Canin has launched a consumer marketing campaign which will provide 74.5m opportunities to see (OTS) the brand over the next 10 months, reaching a total of 11.1m adults or a total of 21.3 per cent of adults across the UK. Using national press partners such as The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times and The Sunday Times, the campaign aims to help educate and encourage responsible pet ownership and provide information about the benefits of scientific health nutrition, thus driving people towards the specialist pet trade.

Royal Canin retail marketing manager Gemma Duffield says: “This is a high-impact
campaign which uses a combination of quality national press and digital channels, carefully selected to reach Royal Canin’s best customer prospects when they’re most receptive.  These prospective customers can engage with the brand’s health nutrition message and discover more about its extensive product range. It is all about extending our brand message to bring more pet owners into the specialist pet trade.”

The Daily Telegraph campaign alone, which includes a series of educational features and a 16 page supplement magazine to coincide with Crufts, will reach a total readership of 4.6m adults and provide 17.4m OTS. On the back of this, ROYAL CANIN® has a hub at www.telegraph.co.uk/pets/essentials featuring educational articles and activities and an in-depth opportunity to explore the brand and products.

Daily Telegraph readers can also enter a competition to win a photoshoot for themselves and their dogs – entries are submitted via the hashtag #mymagnificentdog, and all the photos entered in the competition will be used in a mosaic on Royal Canin’s stand at Crufts in March 2017 to create a brand campaign image.

Social media activity includes the #breedbuzz campaign, enabling consumers to find frequently asked dog-related questions on topics like behaviour and nutrition, and giving them the chance to ask their own questions by visiting www.breedbuzz.royalcanin.co.uk.

Gemma Duffield says: “Everything we do is designed to make a better world for pets, specifically by promoting responsible pet ownership and by encouraging owners to seek out the right nutrition for their pets via the specialist pet trade. In our media campaign we have chosen topics that our consumers want to see and hear about their pets.

“Pets are still, and will always be, very much a beloved part of British families, and we want more of them to take advantage of the products and expertise offered by the specialist pet trade.”

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