August 17, 2017

Pet London: Catspia Pet Harness will be a huge success

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Pet London has launched the brand new Catspia Harness range in line with growing consensus that walking cats on leads is becoming standard practice, especially for city dwellers. In an era where many urban cats are stuck inside most of the time, these new stylish metallic cat harnesses with matching leads are the perfect solution for exercising any cat outdoors.

Recently, there has been a paradigm shift in taste and fashion to walk cats in public, as many felines, especially indoor cats find great pleasure in the time spent outside, enjoying the great outdoors.
The benefits of such activity are:

  • It can help strengthen the bond between a cat and their owner, giving the pair something to experience together.
  • Cat experiences a more enriched life, good for their wellbeing
  • Increased intellectual stimulation, as cat uses different parts of the brain in more thoughtful ways to solve problems
  • Increased exercise opportunities for both owner and cat
  • Part of transformation techniques to turn a scaredy cat into a cool cat as over time the pet gets used to social interaction.

The Catspia Harness range has been designed by animal experts to fit perfectly for outdoor recreation. For both safety and comfort, the Catspia harnesses features a large range of premium features including: a robust mountaineering clip and adjustable straps, a matching metallic bell, as well as 100% cotton inside to ensure a comfortable fit. Harnesses unlike collars spread the load evenly around the body, reducing risk of injury.

The range comes in three differing shapes: A, B & C for breeds of varying size and dimensions, all which are very easy to put on and take off, with simple step in and step out design.

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