September 23, 2017

Lily’s Kitchen expands its range of occasion based products for dogs

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Lily’s Kitchen is launching its Great British Breakfast tin (400g), giving pet parents the opportunity to extend their special weekend breakfast to their four-legged family.

With increasing numbers of owners sharing a meal time with their pet, occasion based recipes give owners the opportunity to give an exciting complete and balanced meal to their dog, safe in the knowledge that the natural ingredients are feeding their overall health. Recent success of the Sunday Lunch tin (400g) showed a genuine appetite for recipes that are not only based on tasty human meals, such as Lamb Hotpot, but for recipes that help the whole family to enjoy a traditional meal time together. Breakfast is one of the nation’s favourite meal times and Lily’s Kitchen believe it is a natural choice to add to the range alongside a top-seller Sunday Lunch.

The Great British Breakfast recipe is a combination of breakfast ingredients including lean, high protein venison sausage meat, haricot beans, ham and eggs, topped with parsley for digestive support and Lily’s Kitchen’s signature healthy herb blend. The novel protein mix of venison sausage meat, ham and egg adds a further point of difference from the rest of the Lily’s Kitchen 400g tin range, encouraging existing shoppers to buy this recipe alongside their current repertoire while also attracting new customers into the brand.

Like all Lily’s Kitchen recipes, the ingredients in our 400g tin have been chosen for their high nutritional content, to be filling and healthy. The natural nourishment provided within helps to promote a shiny coat, healthy skin, and good digestion. The product is hypoallergenic, natural and holistic, and contains no rendered meats, animal derivatives, added fillers, artificial flavourings, sweeteners or preservatives. It is also grain free, helping reduce bloating and wind.

CEO and founder Henrietta Morrison, says: “Our pets are family and deserve to be included in our favourite mealtime moments. What better way to start the day than with a hearty and wholesome breakfast made with delicious ingredients.  Being able to share occasions such as this with our pets is what consumers are looking for, which is why the humanisation trend is booming in the category. ”

The new Great British Breakfast recipe, RRP £2.49, is available to order from 21st March 2017 and will be sold in independent pet shops and on the Lily’s Kitchen website (

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