August 17, 2017

BrilliantPad launches travelating dog toilet with £30,000 backing

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Described as the ‘automatic self-cleaning potty system for dogs’, this is a low-level platform allows canines to relieve themselves freely indoors, and rolls the mess away. Hundreds of backers have pledged nearly £30,000 to get the technology going.First little Barnie simply hops on to the 24inch x 23inch pad to do his business. Then, the device will activate automatically at the times you have set (a smart weight sensor will override this if the pad is in use) – or you can kickstart clean-up manually at any time. Once activated, the pad winds away the dirty sheet into a sealed roll at one end (it claims to do this with ‘whisper-quiet’ efficiency, completely ‘locking away odour’). The eco-friendly roll is then changed every few weeks.

The BrilliantPad team say the device is great for those who work long hours, leaving their dog stuck indoors. The BrilliantPad will retail around £160, with replacement rolls (equal to 27 pads) work out to less than 80p per pad.CEO Alan J. Cook stated: “As pet parents ourselves, we feel the strong, emotional bond we have with animals, and how the special relationship with dogs can be hindered by the unpleasant nature of cleaning up after them.

“We’ve developed a patent-pending design that ensures no mess comes between you and your dog, so more pet households can enjoy a cleaner home and happier pups.”Article source


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