September 23, 2017

B&M launches new TV ad campaign, aimed at dogs

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North West-based retailer, B&M, has worked with Cheetham Bell on what they believe is the first ever television commercial for dogs. Working closely with dog behavioural specialists B&M aims to stimulates the dog’s senses and captures their attention within the advertisement. To highlight a range of pet products, they’ve hired an actor who can bark (as well as speak), to ensure that the ad communicates directly to its target market.

This has included filming with more frames per second, so the dogs don’t see a flickering image, plus high pitched tones and hand signals.


As part of the campaign, owners are encouraged to upload videos on social media of their dog engaging with the commercial.

The ‘woofing’ version of the ad will air during Crufts on Sunday 12th March, with a human version transmitted the following day for 2 weeks.

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