August 17, 2017

Pet Care Retail – September 2015 issue

Pet Care Retail
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Pet Care Retail – September 2015 issue

News Centre: A roundup of the latest news in the industry

Keeping it real: Head of marketing at Burgess Pet Care, Richard Rockett, gives his insight into getting ahead of online competition

Leave no stone unturned: Lucy Ross, head of training at Pets Corner, discusses her company’s philosophy on performance

Let’s hear it from: The managing director of PampurredPets, Steve Fowler, discusses the history and future of the business

State of independence: Colin J Thorpe, manager of Animal Fair in Kensington, talks about changes to the industry since the 1950s

PATS Telford preview: We look at the upcoming PATS Telford event, which is gearing up to be the biggest show in its seven-year history

Product news: Suppliers tell us about their latest ranges

How to sell: Geoff Hodge discusses how to take advantage of the UK public’s passion for keeping their pets looking good

Grooming: A selection of the latest grooming products

Bedding: A range of items to help pets get comfortable

Pet food: A round-up of some of the best pet foods available in the industry

Trading with: Stephen Turner of Group 55 discusses products, trading and incentives for stockists and consumers

Don’t drive the pet trade underground: Director of Sky Pet Products, Felicity Gardiner, argues that garden centres should be allowed to sell domesticated animals despite criticism

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Pet Care Retail

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