August 16, 2017

Pet Care Retail – October 2015 issue

Pet Care Retail
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Pet Care Retail – October 2015 issue

News Centre: A roundup of the latest news in the industry

A taste for the exotic: Dr Nicola Davies offers advice on branching out into niche pets

Sharing is caring: Will Dymott maps out how to create a simple but effective email marketing programme

Let’s hear it from: Pet Industry Federation CEO Nigel Baker on why it’s vital that independent pet store owners continue to engage

Aqua 2015 preview: We look at the upcoming water-gardening and aquatic trade event, with a record number of exhibitors set to take apart

PATS Telford review: A pictorial look back at the recent record-breaking PATS Telford show

Landscape changer: Pet London’s Melody Lewis on how her boutique has helped to revolutionise the accessories and attire market

Product news: All the latest news from leading product providers

How to sell: Geoff Hodge on how best to present an aquatics section and tempt potential fish owners

Aquatics: Equipment and treatments to appeal to fish-keepers

Christmas: Toys, treats and stockings as we gear up for the festive season

Reptile care: Offerings to help snakes and lizards live in luxury

Trading with: Jane Flaherty, of JMC Aquatics, takes us behind the scenes at one of the UK’s leading importers and distributers of ornamental fish

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Pet Care Retail

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