August 17, 2017

Animology’s Top Tips for Attacking Fleas

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During the summer months, it is crucial for dog owners to be checking their pets daily for fleas. The warm weather brings the parasites out, and fleas can easily be contracted by just a short walk in the woods. Becky Ashton from Animology gives us her top tips for preventing fleas from becoming a problem.

Firstly, I would recommend looking for early signs by using a flea comb or by doing a ‘black speck’ test. This involves placing a white piece of paper under the dog and running your hands over its fur. If black specks appear on the paper, this is most likely to be faecal matter from fleas or ‘flea dirt’.

Secondly, vacuuming regularly in carpeted parts of the house where a dog is most likely to go is estimated to remove up to 50% of flea eggs but always remember to empty the vacuum cleaner immediately, to get rid of the eggs once and for all. Also, keeping gardens tidy and regularly cleaning pet beds in the hottest water possible can reduce chances of fleas.

I would also recommend flea repellent products at regular intervals, on the pet and around the house, as fleas have a four-stage life cycle. Due to this cycle it can on occasion take three months to completely solve the problem and some pets will need more than one treatment.

Finally, you need to be prepared by keeping stocked up on products. One in five cats and one in 10 dogs are infested with fleas at any time so discovering a flea is an inevitability at some stage. I would suggest cleaning the home systematically as well as the dog as only approximately 10% of the fleas are actually living on the pet.

Using Animology’s own Flea & Tick shampoo, which is suitable for all types of dog coat, can help to remove the fleas as well as to help soothe irritated skin.

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